Panania North Public School

Honesty in all things

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About our school

Panania North Public School aims to provide a wide range of learning experiences directed towards the development of the individual's skills, talents and interests. In seeking to recognise the individual worth of children, we see the need for a commitment to ideals such as self-worth, responsibility and honesty in a happy, stimulating environment. We want our children to succeed and to have regard for their social obligations while undertaking a challenging program.

Panania North Public School has a long and proud history of public education since being established in 1956. While academic excellence is highly valued, our school is committed to encourage all students to participate in a wide range of learning activities - cultural, sporting and social. Panania North Public School currently has 428 students enrolled in 18 classes with additional support provided through access to reading recovery (Year 1), English as a second language (ESL),  learning support and integration support programs. Our school priorities include literacy, numeracy, student engagement and technology.

The school is supported by a strong parents and citizens association (P&C). The school grounds are spacious and have extensive grassed areas and well-established native gardens. The school classrooms are air-conditioned and there are interactive whiteboards in every classroom.