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Shared Language of Learning

At Panania North Public School we are passionate about developing a learning culture that empowers our children as learners. We are sharing a summary of our Learner Qualities, Learning Pit and Learning Process with you for the first time in the hope that you will become curious and build your knowledge around these areas in order to help us to help your children become capable lifelong learners. This section of the school website introduces the language and concepts underpinning our learning culture at Panania North. 

Learner Qualities 

To be a learner at Panania you need to be...

Adaptable, Challenged, Collaborative, A Problem Solver & Reflective


The Effective Learner Profile

Our students use the Effective Learner Profile to assist them in talking about themselves as learners and to articulate their progress.

Our development of the ‘Effective Learner Profile’ was a staff and community effort! Staff, students and parents all contributed to identify the essential characteristics of an effective, life-long learner. Parents, we ask that you also use this language at home!

Learner Qualities Matrix

These qualities will be taught across K-6 and students will be encouraged to determine where they are working within the qualities across the day, term and year. They will be addressed in all lessons and students will be shown when particular qualities will need to be used to attain success. They will become firmly embedded in all that we do at Panania North, across the curriculum, classroom and playground as we believe students who possess, or can attain these qualities are at an advantage as a learner and as a citizen in the future.

Learning Process

The Learning Process is another essential learning strategy that is intentionally taught to help students solve problems, make informed decisions, answer questions and investigate possible solutions. We live in a knowledge era!  It is critical that students learn to connect their knowledge in order to find new and different ways to solve future issues.

The Learning Pit 

The focus on developing learners’ capacity to thrive in tricky situations – knowing what to do when they don’t know what to do – is highly valued. Teachers explicitly teach learners strategies to get out of ‘I’m stuck’ situations. Being stuck is celebrated and harnessed as an opportunity to build each individual’s learning capacity.

Our Learning Pit encourages learners to take risks and stretch themselves with challenge. It’s the place where we may face challenge, adversity, setback and failure. This is where the best learning occurs! In the Learning Pit, mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn.